Product review – Rolling pin by Engrave

With Christmas round the corner everyone is trying to figure out what to gift our friends and relatives. I feel that something personalized or homemade is always a great idea for a gift. Recently I received a personalized rolling pin from Engrave which is a great gift idea. You can personalize a message or name engraved onto the rolling pin and also make a batch of cookies using them and gift. Personalized as well as a delicious Christmas gift I say!

Rolling pin by Engrave
Rolling pin by Engrave

You can also you the rolling pin and engrave the text onto rolled fondant, then cut them into different shapes and use the fondant pieces to decorate cupcakes/cookies/cakes/brownies.

I tried my hand at using this rolling pin and I’d say the text gets well engraved onto fondant as well as cookie dough. Unfortunately the images aren’t getting uploaded onto the blog due to some error. Will surely upload them soon šŸ™‚

Apart from the rolling pin I fell in love with personalized cake toppers as well as the chopping boards they have to offer.

cake topper
Personalized cake topper
chopping board
Personalized chopping board

These products surely are a great option for Christmas gifts but also great wedding and birthday gifts! Do check out their website : for more gifting options.

Will update the post picutres soon!


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