#Care4Food Campaign by Tupperware

I received a mail from Tupperware recently regarding their Care4Food campaign through which they are promoting proper storage of food and leftover management. I have been using Tupperware products since really long as they are easy to use, helps keep vegetables fresh, leak proof,has made storage in general very convenient and they also come in pretty colours! To top it all they offer lifetime warranty! So I decided to support the campaign and share my thoughts about food storage and leftover management.

Tupperware products (Image courtesy Tupperware)
Tupperware products (Image courtesy Tupperware)

So as the Care4Food supports proper storage of leftovers as well as creating something delicious from them too I thought why not brainstorm regarding easy leftover recipes.

If you’ve been following my blog you must have come across the super easy and delicious recipe of Masala idlis using leftover idlis. You can check out the recipe here.

Masala idlis

Another great option is to use leftover risotto to make Arancini (rice balls coated with breadcrumbs and fried). They taste delicious with a spicy chili sauce and make for a perfect party snack!

You could also use leftover dry sabzis like spiced potatoes, aloo methi or even spiced green beans and use it to make a toasted sandwich or even a spring roll!

Spiced potato spring rolls
Spiced potato spring rolls

Another quick fix is making spiced rice using leftover rice and a few spices. I usually make this by heating up some oil to which I add mustard seeds, tumeric, green chilies, curry leaves, roughly chopped onion and red chili powder. Once the spices are cooked I add leftover rice and a bit of water and stir it around till the rice is coated well with the spices. It tastes really nice with a  mix vegetable raita or even plain dal.

Tupperware clearly makes it really convenient to store leftovers and in-return obviously reduce food wastage. I’d say get your creative caps on and reinvent leftovers and also do share your ideas with me!


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