Food in the city of lakes – Udaipur

I’ve been meaning to write about the food that Udaipur has to offer but never got to it. So finally after my two trips to the city of lakes I’ve come up with a concise list of ‘must eat’ in Udaipur.

Thali :

Natraj Thali

Quick, delicious and filling are apt words to describe the thali that Natraj has to offer. Piping hot food, ghee smeared chapatis and a cold glass of chaas can easily ensure you overeat at this restaurant.

Natraj Thali
Natraj Thali

Garden Restaurant

This is another thali place located inside the Vintage Car Museum which serves simple food but yet again thanks to hot food, ghee laden chapatis and unlimited servings you’ll end up overeating. I personally do prefer Natraj’s thali over Garden Restaurant but it’s not bad either.

Garden Restaurant Thali
Garden Restaurant Thali

Aapni Dhani

This is a smaller version of Chokhi Dhani from Jaipur. Aapni Dhani doesn’t offer a lot in terms of entertainment or ambience but it surely won’t disappoint you on the food front. The meal included Dal baati, bajra khichda, bajra roti, two varieties of vegetables, gatte ka saag, sprouts, papad, salad, amazing garlic chutney, white butter and loads of ghee! And if this wasn’t enough they stuff your faces with piping hot, crisp and not too sweet jalebis!!

Thali at Aapni Dhani
Thali at Aapni Dhani

Rajasthani / Punjabi cuisine :


Located on the banks of Lake Pichola, this open air restaurant surely provides a great view of the City Palace and Lake Palace. They do serve up food to match the amazing ambiance. The laal maas here is perfectly cooked with succulent meat and has a big punch from the chili.

Ras Leela

Ras Leela is another open air restaurant located on the banks of Lake Pichola is adorned with bright pink chairs but unlike Ambrai they fall short on the food front. The starters and service were highly okay and their liquor menu is fairly limited, but their main course was served hot and fresh. It can be your choice if you fail to get a table at Ambrai!

ras leela

Hotel Hilltop Palace

Located on top of Ambavgarh hill, Hilltop Palace Hotel has a great view of Fatehsagar lake. Their rooftop bar is perfect to grab a few drinks and munchies while enjoying the scenic beauty of Fatehsagar. Post drinks head down to their restaurant which has good Indian and Chinese food spread on offer.

View from Hotel Hilltop Palace
View from Hotel Hilltop Palace

Kabab Mistri

Located inside hotel Jaisingh Garh, Kabab Mistri is a great roof top restaurant serving up lip smacking Indian food. After a few Indian meals in Udaipur you will notice that most of the restaurants pretty much offer the same menu. So if you wish to try something different and still stick to North Indian cuisine then head to Kabab mistri and try their kebabs, palak ghosht and crisp garlic naan.

Kabab Mistri
Kabab Mistri


Jagat Niwas & Upre

These two restaurants are pretty famous and were recommended by lot but I was disappointed. Food was nothing special but their location and ambiance puts them in my ‘to go for drinks’ list. So I’d suggest enjoy the view with a couple of drinks and step out to eat somewhere else.

Jagat Niwas
This photo of Jagat Niwas is courtesy of TripAdvisor
This photo of Upre is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Panna Vilas Palace

Popular amongst the younger crowd of Udaipur, Panna Villas is a great place to hangout with friends over snacks and drinks with nice music playing in the background.


Panna Vilas Palace
Panna Vilas Palace
Lights at Panna Vilas
Lights at Panna Vilas

Italian cuisine:

Palki Khana

Situated in the compound of The City Palace, Palki Khana offers delicious large portions of Italian food. Try their Cafe mocha, creamy veg risotto and Ceaser’s salad (ask for no bacon). The prices here are steep but thanks to the portion size it doesn’t hurt a lot.

DSC_5913 DSC_5903 DSC_5905 DSC_5907


Gateway is pretty close to The City Palace so if Palki Khana doesn’t fancy you then you can surely head here. They offer only vegetarian Italian fare but trust me it is delicious. Try their pasta in pesto cream sauce, pizzas, linguini in cream sauce and grilled veg sandwich.

Pizza at Gateway
Pizza at Gateway
Penne in creamy pesto
Penne in creamy pesto

Savage Garden

Udaipur city has really tiny lanes and it is a task to find a restaurant hidden in these tiny tiny lanes. But once you find Savage Garden tucked on the by-lanes of Chand Pol you’ll be delighted to see this open air, all blue restaurant. They serve amazing spinach and mushroom ravioli and spaghetti in penne sauce garnished with plump pink pomegranate seeds.

Shakes & Delight

This is another place which is famous among the locals but just didn’t work for me. The penne in pesto sauce had no basil or any herb flavour, the burritos were just spicy and the pizza was highly okay. The only thing that saved our meal was their oreo shake which is more than enough for two people. I’d say stick to the shakes they have to offer.


Govinda’s Cafeteria

Govinda’s is a tiny cafe located very close to Gateway Restaurant where you can laze around while enjoying their delicious coffee (hot/cold). I haven’t tried the food here yet, may be during my next visit 🙂

German Bakery

German Bakery, also known as Cafe Edelweiss is a small homely cafe located near Gangaur ghat. It is a great place for breakfast but make sure you reach early as it always flooded with tourists and they’ll run out of their famous chili brownie! You can fill your stomach happily with omlettes, coffee, toast and any dessert that fancies your taste buds before heading out to explore the city.


This one year old cafe Udaipur is located near Sahelion ki Badi. Modern decor, menu printed on brown envelopes, courteous staff, sandwiches made with crusty bread and a wide range of teas and coffee surely adds this cafe in your must visit place.

Street Food:

This section excites me the most about any city and truly gives a great essence of the food and people of the place. Street food is a refreshing change after the repetitive menus in most of the restaurants. So here is a list of my favourites..

Kamlesh tea stall

Fatehsagar is a must visit for any tourist in Udaipur and it should be considering the number of food stalls there. Amongst all the hustle bustle and crazy crowd this tiny tea stall makes piping hot, fresh from the kadai crisp and spicy bread pakodas. If visiting Udaipur during the winters then wash down the bread pakoda with a hot cup of tea!



Vinod fast food and cafe

Mr.P had shared his love for the kulhar coffee and cold coffee that Vinod has to offer here but apart from the coffee I’d recommend their spicy chili maggi and pizzas (not authentic considering it is street food but truly delicious!)

Kulhar coffee

Egg World

Egg world is located near Chetak circle and is always crowded! Head to this place in your car as there is ample of parking in the lanes nearby. There is self service here so get your food and enjoy it in peace, away from the maddening crowd at the stall. Must try here is their super spicy boiled egg burji and tandoori omelette (bread slices wrapped in a tandoori masala omelette, cooked on a huge tawa and then topped with mayo, spicy sauce, sev and corriander.

egg worldDhabeli

Sukhadia circle is another place flocked with street vendors and hungry souls 😛 You have a huge variety of snacks on offer here ranging from paneer chili to pizzas, pav bhaji to sandwiches and even ice creams. But the one I really love is the dhabeli at this tiny stall near Sukhadia circle. The dhabeli here is made with soft pav filled with dhabeli stuffing, masala peanuts and chutneys (red and green). He also crisps up the dhabeli a bit on the tawa with loads of butter!!

Shiv Shakti chaat

In the crazy chaos of Bapu bazaar we found this super tiny chaat shop and they make amazingly addictive dahi kachori chaat! Warm dal stuffed kachori is crushed then topped with chilled curd, green chutney, sweet and sour chutney, sliced onions, masalas and sev..what’s not to love!?

Shiv Shakti's chaat
Shiv Shakti’s chaat



This store has a huge variety of pickles and chutneys, so if you are crazy behind pickles then head to Tiluram’s in Bapu Bazaar. I  highly recommend their red chili pickle and garlic chutney. The garlic chutney makes for a great addition to our Bombay pav bhaji!

JMB (Jagdish Misthan Bhandar)

My last stop in Udaipur has always been JMB to pack some of their ghee laden milk cake! It tastes great as it is but to make the milk cake even better just warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds and it is just spectacular!

Around Udaipur:

Devigarh Palace is located about 30 kms from Udaipur. It is a mighty tall fort which has been restored and converted into an ‘all white’ heritage hotel. The restaurant has a magnificent scenic views and menu has a mix of contemporary twist on Indian food, traditional Indian dishes, Continental and Chinese dishes too. The food is not spectacular, portions are small, the twist on Indian dishes and an eggy creme brulee didn’t work for me. But that said the hotel’s fort structure , the view and a few drinks can easily lead to a great lazy afternoon.


It takes about an hour and half to get to Kumbalgarh from Udaipur. And while you are there to admire the great wall of the Kumbalgarh Fort the walk in the fort can surely work up an appetite. There are not a lot of options to eat around here but these are some places I recommend:

Chowka, at The Aodhi Hotel

When we arrived at Chowka it was empty so we were a bit skeptical at first so decided to go with the regular dishes on the menu. We stuck to lal maas, paneer lababdar, dal tadka and rotis. The lal maas wasn’t exactly “lal maas” but it was a good mutton dish. The meat was cooked well in a lightly spiced gravy unlike the authentic lal maas but not bad. On the other hand, paneer lababdar, dal tadka and rotis were delicious. The prices here are slightly on the higher side but I guess it’s because of the fewer dining options available in the area.

Kumbalgarh Forest Retreat

This is a new addition to the hotel scene in Kumbalgarh. I didn’t dine here but my sister and her husband did during their stay and they fell in love with their egg curry!

Paratha place outside Club Mahindra

This is another place my sister tried during her two days stay in Kumbalgarh. There was a tiny hut on the road right out Club Mahindra which was serving up hot hot parathas and considering it was a cold night they went crazy over these parathas.

This is a long list of places to eat in Udaipur but if there is any other place I’ve missed and is truly worth a try then do let me know!



4 thoughts on “Food in the city of lakes – Udaipur

  1. The first two Thalis look truly yummy. I even loved the image of the chocolate dessert you have shared. Hope to have a nice bite of the pizza you have shown in the picture. Thanks for sharing such delectable pictures.

  2. Hello,

    Greetings from Brewmen – The Coffee Lounge!

    Thankyou for sharing your views and searches on everyfood outlet in udaipur.
    It was a pleasure to serve you and i am glad to know that you had a great time with us at Brewmen.
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    Best regards,
    Sagar Miglani
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