Review : BusaGO, BKC

I love the food Busaba (you can check out my post on Busaba here) and BusaGO at Pali Naka have to offer. BusaGO opened it’s second outlet in the FIFC building in BKC recently and I was really excited to check it out. Compared to the Pali Naka outlet the BKC one bigger and has no outside seating but still has that casual eatery vibe.

I’ve visited their Pali Naka outlet many times and always end up eating the Khow suey (which I love!!), so this time I decided to try the other things on the menu. Here’s what we called for:

Momos – Veg and Chicken

Chicken Momos

Thin casing, perfectly steamed with flavourful and perfectly cooked fillings! The momos were just exquisite. And they were best accompanied by Chib’s red chili, sweet chili and green chili sauces.

We fell in love with the sauces and just kept on eating them without any momos too.

Green Veg Curry with steamed rice

Green thai curry

The curry was light and had a nice spice hit. It had strong lemon grass and kaffir lime flavours but I loved that the vegetables in the curry still had a bite to them.

Sticky veg bomb

Veg sticky bombA new addition to BusaGO’s menu and also to my list of favourite dishes! Sticky rice steamed with mushrooms,carrots, pakchoy, bell pepper and water chestnuts came in a bowl and was served along with an amazing ginger soy sauce. A simple dish but it just hit the right spot. The addition of water chestnuts gave a nice crunch to the dish and the ginger soy sauce complimented the rice really well. But if this sauce still doesn’t do it for you and you need that extra spice then Chib’s red chili sauce also tasted really nice with the rice.

Chocolate tart and Banoffee in-a-cup

Chocolate tart

Banoffee in-a-cup

The good part about these desserts is their quantity. Their pretty generous portions can suffice for two people. But their flavours didn’t work for me. The chocolate tart could do with a bit of salt in the pastry base whereas the banoffee needed a little dark chocolate and also the pastry crumbs needed a tab bit of salt to balance off the sweetness of the toffee.

I highly recommend you try the food at BusaGO and you surely won’t be disappointed. I’m already planning my next trip to BusaGO after writing this post!

You can check out their details here.


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