A sweet treat! Review: Love and Cheesecake & Icing On Top

Recently I got a chance to try out sweet treats from Mumbai’s two dessert places – Love and Cheesecake and Icing on Top. And only because I got to try their stuff in a really short period I thought of clubbing their reviews together. So let the sugar over dose begin!

Love and Cheesecake is one of the patisseries in Mumbai whose menu revolves around cheesecakes. Currently they make their cheesecakes in a kitchen behind the Guess showroom on Khar Linking road from where they sell and deliver their sweet treats too. I visited Love and Cheesecake to try out their Mango mania menu along with a fellow food blogger Amrita who writes at Life Ki Recipe. We started off with trying their chocolate mango cup. It was basically a dark chocolate cup filled with a really thin layer of syrup soaked sponge topped with a mix of mascarpone cheese and fresh cream followed by fresh, bright as the sun mango cubes. Overall the dessert was really nice and we easily wiped it off in a few minutes but the only downside was that I found the chocolate cup too thick. Tiny bit thin and this dessert would be a hit!


Next we tried the Mangofee which was a blend of mango, cream and caramel with a bit of caramel crunch. This dessert was just okay.


Then came the Mango mascarpone cake which had thin layers of sponge, mascarpone creamy cheese and fresh mango. All in all good, not too sweet and worth a try.


After this we took a break from the mango and tried few of their other cheesecakes. Bailey’s no bake cheesecake was a plain no bake cheesecake with an Oreo crust topped with Bailey’s caramel sauce. While the sauce was a hit the frozen centre of the cheesecake was a turn off.


We also tried a chocolate cake layered with mascarpone cheese with a slight hint of orange and dark chocolate pieces. I don’t remember the name of this cake but the flavour balance was spot on. Only issue is that the chocolate cake was a bit dry.


Overall Love and Cheesecake has a good range of desserts with a few misses. They are soon to open a store in Lokhandwala so cheesecake lovers in Andheri can be happy.

Details: Shop with the red door behind Guess showroom, Kusum kunj, Linking Road, Khar west (9819935135). You can also check out their Facebook page here to know about their latest creations.

Icing on Top

Run by Ayushi Shah, Icing on Top serves only eggless desserts from their central kitchen in Masjid Bunder and store at Kemps Corner. Their menu includes tini tiny cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, cakelettes, tarts, mud pies and shot glass desserts. I received a goodie bag from them filled with a lot treats that would give you a crazy sugar high. The packaging was really impressive. Take a look at the pictures below!

Now lets come down to how it tastes..

There were 3 Cake pops – oreo, double chocolate and red velvet. To be frank I’m not a big fan of cake pops in general and the same applies to cup cakes. I find them too sweet and have gotten bored with the overdose of them being around for really long! So it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge them but anyways these are my thoughts.One bite of the red velvet pop and I knew it was too sweet for me. Double chocolate was fine and so was the oreo one.


Next I tried the Mud pie which had pieces of chocolate cake soaked in dark chocolate sauce. Tasted nice!

IMG_20130509_173730The dessert shot glasses were up next – Hazelnut which I thought was really sweet and it could have done with a little less Nutella, Blueberry which was a bit tart for me but my dad relished it and last was the Chocolate mousse which was my favorite of the three shot glasses. It may seem like I’m being over critical here but I just couldn’t figure out the why very fine biscuit crumbs were present at the bottom of the shot glasses. They didn’t add anything to the dessert.

IMG_20130509_173959Icing on Top cookies look cute. They are really tiny and come in different flavours. I got to try the cinnamon, lemon and chocolate chip. Of these three I’d pick the chocolate chip one cause of its texture. The other two were to crumbly but I did like the lemon cookie’s icing. Also there was a piece of an oat and chocolate bar which had nice texture.

IMG_20130509_173154And then only dessert left for me to try was their Red Velvet cake which was moist and red, obviously! It was good overall.

On a whole Icing on Top is a great package but can be better with a few tweaks.

Details:Shop No.5, Ground Floor, Advani chambers, Kemps Corner (9867013315) or like them on Facebook here.


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