Food, Birthday and some news! Review: Serafina, Lower Parel

Last week I celebrated my birthday in the most obvious way…filled with food!! The day was going to start with ‘Breakfast at Candies!’ and mind you it wasn’t really breakfast. We ended up eating noodles, macaroni and cheese salad, hot chocolate, coffee, lemongrass coolers and chocolate tarts. Not your regular breakfast but well it was my budday!! 😀

So the next food event of the day which is also the news..I finished a certificate course in bakery from IHM, Mumbai..Yay! The last day and the examination was on the special day too for which I baked fancy shaped bread rolls and a spongy chocolate genoise cake.

The day had been filled with loads of food but I was too tired with the travelling, baking and ofcourse eating! But birthday dinner with family at Serafina was yet to happen. Our meal was mostly around the vegetarian side of the menu and this review is pretty short as we had tiny appetites that day. So here’s what we ate..

We started of our meal with fresh and light D.Chopra Salad which had mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, pear slices, asparagus and walnuts tossed in a light lemon vinaigrette dressing. The name did make me curious enough to find out the salad is a tribute to Mr.Chopra as he has always been a regular at Serafina’s NYC branch.

D.Chopra Salad
D.Chopra Salad

We also called for the lemon and kiwi iced teas. I did like the kiwi one more than the lemon one.
Next came the soups of the day:
Carrot and ginger soup which was really well balanced with a mellow hit from the ginger.

Carrot and ginger soup
Carrot and ginger soup

Minestrone soup was light and packed with herby flavours. It had tiny pasta, crisp zucchini, carrot dices floating in a light tomato herb broth.

Minestrone soup
Minestrone soup

Portofino pizza was next and it had a nice crisp base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pine nuts and a pesto pinwheel. The pesto was just spot on!

Portofino pizza
Portofino pizza

Then came the V.I.P Margherita which is not only for important people as the name suggests but it’s named so because the mozzarella is imported Italian mozzarella. I liked this pizza but didn’t love it, I preferred the pesto one. But this was a hit with the rest of the family.

V.I.P. Margherita
V.I.P. Margherita

We also called for Homemade fettuccine with tomato basil sauce with a touch of cream and Rigatoni alla bolognese. Both the dishes were great and the sweet tomato sauces (I hate the extremely sour tomato sauces that’s served in so many places) coated the pastas really well which made you crave for more. The bolognese sauce was spectacular with well infused flavours of the meat.

Homemade fettucine in tomato cream sauce with basil
Homemade fettuccine in tomato cream sauce with basil
Rigatoni alla Bolognese

We didn’t have any appetite left for be precise their much praised Tiramisu, but the server made it really easy for us to not binge any further by telling us that they ran out of tiramisu. This place is kind of heavy on the pocket but I’d definitely go back to Serafina for the deliciousness they have to offer!

You can find more information about Serafina here.

And how can I forget…check out my birthday presents!


4 thoughts on “Food, Birthday and some news! Review: Serafina, Lower Parel

  1. ooooooooooooooh is that 30 minute meals??? i’ve been hooked onto his 15 min meals series since the past week 😀 😀 on youtube ofcourse where are these books available?? and your tomato and cheese sandwich, well, it used be one of my fav brunches, when i used to be at home! with a little lettuce and mustard 🙂 anyways, i like living/eating/cooking/creating through your blog vicariously, so yea, keep at it…enjoy…

    1. Thanks a lot Neha! And even I was hooked onto his 15 minute meals show. You can find Jamie Oliver’s books in most of the book shops (crossword/landmark)..they are also available online.

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