London’s pizzeria brings Nepoletana pizza to Mumbai! Review: Pizza metro Pizza


Mumbai is seeing a lot of new pizza brands recently and Pizza metro Pizza is a new addition to this list. Pizza metro Pizza is a cute little cozy pizzeria in Bandra with copper pans hanging on the walls, a colourful wood fired oven, Italian chefs tossing pizzas, and murals on the walls.


The thing that sets them apart from the other pizzerias in Mumbai is that they serve a meter long pizza!! You can choose four kinds of toppings for the meter long pizza which is perfect if you are confused about the toppings you wish for and are really really hungry for a lot of pizza! They also serve 12 inch, 1/2 meter and 3/4 meter pizzas too so you can pick accordingly.

We started off our meal with a refreshing glass of house special red wine while we waited for the antipasti.

House special red wine
House special red wine

Arja, one of the owners, recommended that we should try  Polpette al Sugo (beef meatballs in tomato sauce, parmesan and basil) and Frittura di Calamari (fresh rings of fried squid). 

First up were the beef meatballs and they were spectacular. The meat was perfectly moist, well seasoned and served with a light tomato sauce. I feel that the sauce needed a bit more flavour but everything else was spot on with this dish.

Polpette al Sugo (beef meatballs in tomato sauce, parmesan and basil)
Polpette al Sugo (beef meatballs in tomato sauce, parmesan and basil)

After the meatballs we moved on to the fried calamari and I was a bit disappointed. Firstly the dish wasn’t hot enough and secondly the coating on the squid rings weren’t crisp. The dish could also use a bit more seasoning but the lime wedge it was served with helped save that a bit. The dip that was served was good which kind of made it easier to eat this dish. I’d say give this dish a miss if crisp fried calamari is what you are looking for.

Frittura di Calamari (fresh rings of fried squid)
Frittura di Calamari (fresh rings of fried squid)

Next we moved onto the pizza and deciding what to pick is such a task cause they have too many options!! So taking help from Arja again we decided to go for a half meter pizza with two toppings – Portobello (mozzarella, mixed mushrooms, truffle oil, wild rocket and shavings of grana padano) and Capricciosa (mozzarella, tomato, ham, salami, black olives and mushrooms). After seeing the Italian chefs make the half meter pizza with so much ease, we couldn’t wait to try it. And it didn’t take that long enough till it reached our table with bubbling cheese and bright green rocket leaves. It takes about 4-5 minutes for the pizza to cook in the wood fired oven! They serve pizzas along with oregano, chili flakes and their “super awesome” chili oil.

Wood fired oven
Wood fired oven at Pizza metro Pizza


Chili oil
Chili oil

The pizza was delicious! It had fresh ingredients which were not just over covered with excess cheese, the crust was thin and soft and the chili oil just took the pizza to another great level.

Half a meter pizza
Half a meter pizza

The Portobello ,which was without the regular tomato sauce, was topped with fresh mushrooms and rocket which were perfectly balanced with the light creaminess of grana padano. Whereas the Capricciosa had a lightly flavoured tomato sauce topped with fresh muchrooms, olives, hot bubbling mozzarella and super juicy ham.

We were so stuffed after the pizza (we did pack leftovers!) that we had to skip the pasta and move on directly to the desserts. Yes, we always have a special place for desserts. Arja brought a dessert platter for us to choose from. The options were  tiramisu, wheat and ricotta cheesecake, panna cotta and caprese (chocolate and almond cake with a bit of rum). We decided to go with the Tiramisu and the Caprese.

Caprese and Tiramisu
Caprese and Tiramisu

The Tiramisu was light and deliciously creamy with a crunchy Amaretto cookie on the top. Pizza metro Pizza don’t put any liqueur in their tiramisu but the coffee syrup that the sponge fingers were soaked in did give it nice flavour. The only issue I had with this dish was the some bits of the sponge fingers were rubbery and it was a bit difficult to eat those bits with the spoon.

The Caprese was kind of okay. It looked moist but wasn’t so after you take a bite. I’d give this a miss but would love to try their wheat and ricotta cheesecake next time.

Pizza metro Pizza has a lot of delicious food to offer especially the pizzas. The place is kind of steep with respect to the pricing but the pizzas are truly worth a try. I’d like to thank Arja for her great hospitality and the delicious meal.

You can check our more about Pizza metro Pizza here and here.


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