D.I.Y flavoured butter

Here’s a quick update regarding what I’ve been upto lately..

In December I had attended a workshop with Chef Sergi Arola – a two Michelin-starred Chef (you can read about the workshop here) and I was really lucky getting a chance to meet another Michelin-starred chef – Vikas Khanna courtesy of Godrej Nature’s Basket. The event was organised to launch Chef Vikas Khanna’s new book – “My Great Indian Cookbook”.

vikas khanna

Also, I was one of the judges for The Breakfast Projekt recipe contest organized by a fellow blogger Pratishtha. To pick the winners Pratishtha had organized a potluck brunch where the final 5 contest recipes were also tasted. I was in-charge of getting the bread (store-bought!), so I decided to take cashew and parsley spread and Orange, honey and cinnamon butter. 

Cashew parsley spread
Cashew parsley spread
Orange, honey and cinnamon butter
Orange, honey and cinnamon butter

The flavoured butter did turn out really good or as Pratishtha says in her blog “Richa Lulla’s orange butter is still haunting our day dreams.”  😛

Okay so enough of self praise and getting back to what this post is really about..D.I.Y flavoured butter. I don’t have a measured recipe for this butter because it can be made as per your taste but I’m sharing the method to make it.

Orange, honey and cinnamon butter
Recipe source – Self
100 gms soft Amul butter (you can use unsalted butter if you wish)
zest of an orange
few tbsp of fresh orange juice
honey as per taste
a pinch of cinnamon powder

1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Make sure the butter is soft so that the mixing is easier. You can adjust how much honey to use base on how sweet you want the butter
2. You can either make a log of the butter by placing it on cling film/parchment paper and rolling it firmly into a log and twisting the ends tightly or pipe the butter into pretty rosettes on a tray using a piping bag or simply just place the butter in a pretty bowl
3. Place the butter log/rosettes/bowl in the fridge so that it hardens. Slather on warm toast or scones and enjoy!!

There are hundreds of flavours you can add to this velvety delicious humble butter and make it even more delicious. Yes! You read it right…”You can make delicious butter more delicious!!” If you remember I had written about herb butter flavoured scrambled eggs few months ago and that is another flavour option you could go for.

Here are a few more flavours that can be added to butter…

Sweet –
Honey and cinnamon
Strawberry jam
Crushed walnuts and honey

Savoury – 
Roasted garlic and chives
Lemon zest and parsley
Chili flakes

Enjoy these butters with warm bread, scones, bread sticks, in soup or with grilled meats/veggies!


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