The Chef’s Table at Sancho’s courtesy Burrp! and Yes Bank

Burrp! had organized Chef’s Tables along with Yes bank which required burrpers to review 7 restaurants in one day and they could register for a free 3 to 5 course meal at few of the best restaurants in Mumbai. After seeing all the buzz around this on Twitter, I immediately got my reservation done for Sancho’s and so did Mr.P. Well we chose Sancho’s because even though we had visited this place once before; we hadn’t got a chance to try a lot of dishes. And also we preferred suburbs considering the travel convenience.

We were the first ones to reach the restaurant all excited but unfortunately the restaurant management didn’t seem to be aware about Chef’s table. This was kind of a put off as we were just asked to sit at different places till they figured out what the event was all about. Slowly people for the event started pouring in, including a Burrp! representative – Sanjana. We were all seated and introductions began during which the Vegetarian fiesta nachos were served. I didn’t have an issue with the nachos per say but the menu that was shared online had a different choice of starters which we weren’t given! Coming back to the nachos…there were blue and yellow corn chips placed on a layer of refried beans and covered with fresh salsa, guacamole, sour cream, olives and jalapenos. The guacamole was nice and creamy but needed a little bit of a lime zing and so did the salsa, but considering that we were very hungry we wiped it clean pretty soon.

Fiesta Nachos

Next came the drinks. We had a choice of any one cocktail or mocktail. Me and Mr.P both settled for cocktails. I got the Classic Margarita and Mr.P got the Cancun Tea. The drinks were nice with the right hit from the liquor. Cancun tea was a mix of liquors kind of like long island iced tea.

Classic margarita and Cancun tea

The servers were ready to take orders for the mains. Atleast this time we got to choose. We ordered for Talla fish and Chicken Enchilada. After everyone was done with the orders Chef Sanjay gave us some information regarding the meal for the night. He spoke about refried beans, chipotle chili, how tres leches is made and a lot more. Pretty soon the mains were served. A few of the other diners called for the Vegetable tacos and vegetarian fajita. 

Veg Tacos
Photo courtesy – Burrp!
Vegetable Fajita
Photo courtesy – Burrp!

We didn’t taste the tacos and fajita but the diners seemed to be pretty happy with them. Mr.P was making *big eyes* after seeing the huge portion of the Chicken enchilada!! 

Chicken Enchiladas

Here is what I thought about the enchiladas – The sauce was nice, piping hot and tangy with a chili hit. The portion was huge with generous portion of chicken and cheese. The only issue I had with the dish was that due it’s huge portion the pile of cheese cooled pretty soon and then became a little difficult and heavy to eat. Just a little less of the cheese and it will be good to go.

And here is what Mr.P thought – The dish looked pretty and was loaded with chicken and cheese. The mexican rice & refried beans were flavorful which gave a great twist from the otherwise monotonous tasting chicken enchilada.

I had called for the Talla fish which didn’t look visually that great but tasted truly great!! It was a nice moist fish fillet covered with smokey chili paste and then baked on a banana leaf. It came with a side of a salad, flavorful mexican rice, refried beans, salsa, guacamole and a couple of nacho chips. An entire meal on one plate I’d say!

Talla fish

Mr. P’s thoughts about the Talla fish – Like said above, not the best looking dishes of the evening but it certainly livened up our tastebuds. Real soft fish with amazing accompaniments to help reduce the intensity of the chili. Not really impressed though as I was still looking forward to the best part of the meal.

After the mains we were a little too full but I was really looking forward to the dessert. I had never tried Tres Leches but had heard so much about this cake and there were no second thoughts on what I wanted for dessert. So I got the Tres Leches and Mr.P got the churros with chocolate sauce. Like we always do! Always order different things to get the best.

Tres Leches – the sponge that is soaked overnight in three types of milk i.e evaporated, condensed and regular milk and then covered with a thick layer of whipped cream, was YUM in a bite! I seriously did expect it to be soggy and too milky (I’m not a fan of how milk smells!) but it wasn’t so. Not too sweet, still holding its shape the cake stood tall on the plate and Mr.P agreed with me on this.

Tres Leches

The Churros came with a serving of dark chocolate sauce. Churros were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside but were a little too covered with sugar and not cinnamon sugar. And the chocolate sauce too wasn’t glossy and free flowing…it kind of just set in the bowl and that made it difficult to dip the churros. I’d give this a miss and give the Tres Leches a thumbs up! Mr.P’s felt that the churros were a tad too sweet and the chocolate despite being bitter (my favourite type) didn’t help alter the sweetness that much and for a person who loves San Churros it was a tall order to compete with.


Overall the experience at Sancho’s was pleasant despite the few hiccups. We were stuffed with good food and smiles which is always a good sign. I’d say head to Sancho’s for their cocktails, Talla fish and Tres leches.

Here is all the information you need about Sancho’s.


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