Suzette 2.0

Me and Mr.P can’t seem to get enough of this place. You can check details about my previous blog post for more details about Suzette. Heading to Bandra and we involuntarily end up craving for Suzette and Candies.

As Mr.P says…

“For me it is one the coziest/most comfy spots in the city! Even though it being in the heavily crowded area of Pali Naka it stills give a very peaceful feeling. Maybe it’s the simple yet amazingly yummy food, the wooden seating platform, the polite staff or the quick and efficient service!”

The menu at Suzette has a lot to offer and we thought we’d try something new this time. Not that we covered the menu …they have a lot of salad options as well as crepe filling options. But this time croque was a must have!

Sometime back Mr.P had tried a croque, tiramisu and black coffee frappe. Here’s his take on what he thought about the food.

Mr.P : I tried the Onion Croque which had tomatoes, mozarella, caramelized onions and mushrooms and it was just brilliant. The lettuce salad accompaniment had the most amazing dressing (great flavour) that perfectly complimented the croque. Off lately, I am really addicted to black coffee (not really a good thing) and so the Americano Frappe had to be ordered and it didn’t disappoint.

Croque onion and black coffee frappe

We always have the mousse and so this time I wanted to pick something new. The dessert of the day was Tiramisu and as you can see from the pic it looked nothing less than stunning. However, I felt that it did not have enough liqueur to give that hit which I always long for in this “loved by all” Italian dessert.


During our most recent visit we tried the Pesto Croque, Estragon crepe and Chocolate mousse. 

The pesto croque was unlike the regular French croque you would expect with bread and loads of cheese. It was more like a quesadilla. It was filled with generous amounts of flavourful fresh pesto, grilled zucchini and stringy melted mozzarella. The croque came with a side of a zingy salad dressed in mustard. And as I’ve said in the previous post too..the herb oil does wonders with everything.

Croque Pesto with Estragon crepe in the background

The crepe estragon had a filling of grilled chicken, mushrooms, mustardy yogurt sauce, emmenthal and tarragon. Well accord to me and Mr.P the emmenthal and tarragon flavours were a bit over powered with the yogurt mustard sauce. But overall it wasn’t too bad..though not my favorite. I still love the ratatouille crepe!! Filled with the croque and the crepe we settled one just one of our favorite chocolate mousse. And immediately we were fighting to grab a bite of the mousse. Same and heavenly as before…airy, chocolatey but not too much, hit of coffee….pure YUM!

Chocolate mousse

Suzette didn’t disappoint us but does feel steep to head here regularly. But once in a while digging into that airy mousse is not bad right!! 🙂


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