Fashion and food! Review – Veda, Lower Parel

I received an invite from Spiritz and more to review Veda at Palladium, Lower Parel and it is a little too difficult to refuse such an offer considering the fact that Veda serves delicious melt in the mouth kakori kebabs and creamy flavorful dal makhni. Veda gives you an experience which clearly amalgamates traditional Indian food with royal decor designed by the famous designer Rohit Bal. The deep reds, brick walls adorned with huge etched mirrors, artistic chandeliers and the leather chairs transfer you to another world despite it being a part of a mall. The richness of the decor does clearly continue onto the plate. So after covering the long journey from Andheri to Lower parel me and my sister reached Veda all excited and hungry! Surprisingly the restaurant was full on a weekday filled with happy faces and lotsa food and now it was our turn to be a part of this amazing experience.

Our server of the day Aditya suggested we start our meal with a glass of Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc along with Palak chaat and a tasting platter of kebabs.

Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc

First to arrive were the Palak chaat and roasted papad cones with tomato chutney. The chaat went beautifully with the pepperiness of the wine. The spinach leaves were crisp and not oily; dressed with sweetened yogurt, mint and tamarind chutney. We did notice that the tamarind chutney had hints of cardamom which was unusual but just added that extra something to the dish. The papad was served with a chilled tomato chutney which had a perfect balance of sweet and sour. After this we just couldn’t wait for the kebabs to arrive! Up came a platter with three types of kebabs – Chicken kali mirch, mint fish and malai broccoli. And alongside came spiced onion rings, a perfect accompaniment for the kebabs.

Kebabs – Chicken kali mirch, mint fish and malai broccoli
Spiced onions

The chicken kali mirch was well seasoned and had a bit of hit from the black pepper but wasn’t too moist and could easily lose a battle against the perfectly cooked flaky minty fish! A bite of the succulent minty pomfret and there was pin drop silence on the table till all the fish disappeared. It was truly delicious!! Next we tried the malai broccoli and mind you…this was the only vegetable based dish we had in our entire meal! but it was nothing less than the fish. Crunchy broccoli and creamy marinate were just perfect together. After this great start we were super excited to see what was in store for us in the next course!

Next up was the super famous Kakori kebabs accompanied by a Red wine Sangria. Mr.Eric Lobo, the GM of Veda, told us that they make the Sangria using Four Seasons Shiraz, apple juice, grape juice and fresh fruits. He also added that the sangria is allowed to sit for 4 days which intensifies the flavors. Well, we both did agree with him that it was a good glass of sangria but I would have liked the fruits to have a bit of a bite to them but the ageing for 4 days caused them to soften.


The kakori kebabs can be described in one word – DIVINE! Literally melt in the mouth with a spice hit from the pepper and great aromas from the saffron. Nothing to fault here.

Kakori Kebab

After this came the mains – Nihari, Dal Makhni and Whole wheat laccha paratha.     The Nihari had generous portions of mutton which just fell off the bone. The mutton came with a lightly spiced aromatic gravy. And the whole wheat laccha paratha was great too and complimented the nihari perfectly. My sister was in love with the paratha and kept on saying that “If I was a vegetarian I’d be happy with a bowl of this dal makhni and the laccha paratha!”.


Dal Makhni full of cream and butter is really difficult to dislike and the fat quotient in the dal does take it to another yum level. This was no different. I literally had to force myself from eating anymore dal as we still had dessert left.

Dal Makhni

While enjoying the mains, Eric came to us with a cocktail – Spider bite. Made with lemon juice and chili infused vodka, the drink had a nice hit and was refreshing too. Highly recommended!!

Spider bite

Now it was dessert time! Our first choice was Shahi tukda but they ran out of that so we opted for Flambe gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream. And we had no regrets. The warm and soft gulab jamuns were flambeed with rum which added a nice pleasant bitterness to them and just were perfect with the vanilla ice cream topped with pistachios.

Rum flambeed gulab jamuns with vanilla ice cream

But this was not it…we had a dessert cocktail to taste yet!! Otherside of midnight was a chocolate cream based cocktail and could truly be categorized as a “not too sweet” dessert. It didn’t have the same hit as the Spider bite and this is what made it perfect to end our meal with.

Otherside of midnight

Pleasant conversations with Eric ended our visit at Veda and we were happy diners who couldn’t walk because of the over indulgence! But it positively was a memorable meal and I’d really like to thank Eric and Aditya from Veda for making it so!

You can also check out the details about the other branches of Veda here.


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