Something sweet? Chocolate tasting @ The Bombay Store,Mumbai

Chocolate is something that can bring a smile and can surely spread happiness. It clearly symbolizes indulgence! The thing about chocolate that I truly like is that it has many faces – dark, bitter, sweet,  semi sweet, milk chocolate and white. And it truly is the sense; it enhances the flavor it is paired with. Be it berries, nuts, jellies, liqueur and even another form of chocolate! So when I was invited by The Bombay Store to taste their new range of chocolates for the festive season I quickly jumped at it! All pumped up to taste chocolates I headed off to their amazing store at Fort, Mumbai.

When I reached the store I saw this nice little cozy corner set up for the Chocolate Tasting and the best part was that it didn’t disrupt the working of the store and also didn’t cause any trouble for us.

A bit delayed as the others turned up one after (we were 5 in all) looking famished thanks to the sudden temperature soaring in Mumbai, but once in; the atmosphere of the store is really calming and seeing a table full of colourfully packed chocolates immediately makes you forget the stress. Well thats the whole point of gifting chocolates as well…instant forgiveness and celebration as well.

So getting down to business…tasting the chocolates! As guided by the chocolate maker and the store manager we started off with the premium chocolates.The premium chocolates had 4 nut options: pecan, almond, hazelnut and pistachio

We were informed that they use Belgian chocolate for the premium kind and these are sold by weight in your choice of packing.

Out of these I’d have to say that I clearly leaned towards pecan because of the dark chocolate. Even the almond ones had dark chocolate…do not have a picture of that as I happily hogged on it first and then realized I didn’t click!!

I have read that “A little too much chocolate is just about right”. Well..that’s not really do need something to break the taste in between and that’s when the much needed coffee and water were served.

Next up after the premium chocolates were the soft centered chocolates.

Tasting them was like a guessing competition. Everyone had something different to say and if you were right it did kind of make you feel proud even though there was no winning involved. Well guessing is fun…!

These were the fillings that we tasted

My favorites were the black currant, strawberry & Tango-o-tangerine which was lovely and bright tangerine color! 

The other flavors that were interesting were the Del citron which was a very interesting flavor combination of white chocolate with an amazingly smooth lemon curd filling and Carribean truffle for the ones who prefer bitter flavors. These soft centered chocolates are available in a box of 12, 24 and 36. The best part about the soft centered chocolate was the sudden flavor surprise as soon as you bite into the hard shell of chocolate!

By this time one of the tasters gave up! He had never thought that despite being a crazy chocolate lover he would give up so easily. After a lot of googling I did find that chocolate does fill you up! Dark chocolate does the trick much better than milk chocolate. Anyways, the rest of us were still up for some more..struggling a bit but still trying!

So next came the Regular rocks in three options: almonds, cashews and assorted. I didn’t have the courage to try all of them but I did end up tasting the almond and cashew ones. They were both milk chocolate with nuts. A fellow taster said that the assorted variety had nuts and raisins.

And the last round of chocolates! Delightfully light and made with nuts and dark chocolate were the Sugar free rocks.

By this time our crazy sugar rush needed some serious calming down and that’s where the jasmine tea was up and it really did help. The tasting ended with us full with chocolate, some really major sugar rush and also some cute giveaways! Also a special mention for the hospitality that The Bombay store staff showed…it just makes your visit “truly complete”. 🙂

You can check out their chocolate collection for the festive season here!


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