Review – Busaba – A Culinary tour of Thailand

While searching for buffet or set menu options available in Mumbai I stumbled upon Gourmet It Up. They have various meal offers in Mumbai for set meals or drinks. The offer by Busaba was attracting me attention! The offer was Rs.1650 for a 6 course meal for 2 (inclusive of taxes). The menu was displayed on the site which was pretty tempting. That’s another plus for this site…you can check what you going to get and then pick. All you need to do is contact their concierge and make your reservation. Simple!

All excited to try the 6 course meal we headed to Busaba. The set menu was handed to us..a nice neat menu with 2 options under each course except for the salad and dessert. As there were just 2 options per course it made it easier to decide that we order each dish so in all we get to taste 10 dishes in all. I was under the impression that the portions of the courses would be small and sufficient enough for one person, and boy was I wrong…The portions were humongous!!! Just like you would get if you ordered a la carte and mind you that is a lot of food for 2 people to finish!

Sadly you can’t figure out the quantity that well due to the poor pictures. Sorry about the pictures …the place is dimly lit!!
So here are the courses…

Course 1: Appetizer
Tod Man Pla (Thai fish cakes) were nice and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, not too fishy, had a slight kick from the chili and was served with pleasantly sweet cashew, carrot and cucumber chunky dip.

Sesame potato toast with shallots and scallions had golden brown crisp toast topped with a mixture of mashed potato, shallot and chili and crusted with crunchy sesame seeds. Well it had potato, bread, nuttiness from the sesame seeds and it was fried…what could go wrong!?

Course 2: Salad
I have no words to describe how good Som Tam (Green papaya, raw mango and cherry tomato salad) was. It had the perfect balance of sweet, sour, spice and texture (the crushed peanuts on the top added a nice nuttiness to the salad). It was like a party in the mouth! I took a bite was immediately hit with the sweet and sour flavors and then the chili would hit BAM!! leaving you salivating and head for the second bite! A must try!!

Course 3: Soup
There were 2 choices Tom Kha (chicken, coconut milk, galangal and lemongrass soup) and Tom Yam (vegetable, galangal and kaffir lime soup) but we opted for Tom Yam. It was light, refreshing, had a clear hit of kaffir lime and the vegetables still had some crunch which added another dimension to the soup.

Course 4: Mains – Curry
We ordered both the options available – Thai deshelled crab curry and Cambodian Vegetable curry with shallots. The Thai deshelled crab curry was red and mild with sweet crab meat with tons of flavor from the kaffir lime leaves and really calming on the palate.

Also, the cambodian vegetable curry was nice…light coconut yellow curry with crunchy vegetables and the shallots just were perfect..they had a bit of a bite to them! Just the way I like!

By the time we reached course 5 our stomachs were nearly bursting..we were shifting in our seats trying to make ourselves comfortable so that we can try the remaining food.

Course 5: Mains – Stir fry
Out came the Pla Neung Manao (Thai steamed fish with lime, chili and garlic) in a fish-shaped steamer. It looked beautiful but boy it was huge!!! I wish we had fewer servings of the previous courses so that we could relish the beautiful piece of fish. The flavors were subtle and did not over power the flavor of the fish. Flaky, melt in the mouth, it was perfectly cooked! (I do not have a picture of the fish…I was busy trying to find my appetite!!)

Next dish was Stir fry shitake. I was particularly not a big fan of this dish because firstly it was just stir fry shitake with hardly few pieces of capsicum. It needed another texture for someone to actually finish the dish. This dish didn’t do it for me and Mr.P. Pass!! We were bursting at the seams for we decided we would just take a single portion of the dessert.

Our server seemed to be a little too surprised when we said we are done with the courses and just a single dessert serving would be enough. Wondering what he was surprised about – we cleared the appetizers, salad, soup and most of the curry!!

Course six: Dessert
Ah…Chocolate Fondant!! I love this dessert…the drama involved in cutting it open to see the chocolate ooze out is just wonderful. The ooh and ah that follows the oozing chocolate always makes me smile and I feel it can make anyone smile! The fondant was served with vanilla ice cream and coffee cream sauce! One bite and we were in heaven!

This just says it all… Stuffed like a turkey on thanksgiving and feeling guilty as hell for eating so much we headed home!! This meal needs to be tried for the entire experience – the food, the flavors and the drama that follows after being too full that you can’t move! It is a good deal with great food.

Click here for more information about Busaba.
You can check the offers by Gourmet it up here.

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