Treasure in a lane – Indigo Deli, Andheri

Tucked in a tiny bumpy by-lane in Andheri, where you would not expect to find a fine dine place. It’s not even noticeable from far…You need to just drive down patiently avoiding the pot holes to see a dimly lit Indigo café. First time that I went there with my parents; my dad was convinced that we were in the wrong lane. But once you enter the cafe you won’t be disappointed. Dark wood décor, simplistic yet cozy, well spaced tables with wood folding chairs, dimly lit (during the day the outside section is well lit thanks to sunlight) and the spider water lilies placed in large bunches on each table gives it a bit of a casual comfy look.

I’ve been to Indigo Café a lot of times and it would be a little too much if I mention each and every dish that I have tasted here. But one thing that is common to all my visits is that the staff is courteous and well versed with the menu, the service is prompt and if a dish needs some time to be prepared they do inform you in advance and the quality of food has never disappointed me (except once when the apple pie I ordered was a bit too over baked).

So talking about the food…few weeks ago I went to Indigo café with my parents and as it was an early meal (thanks to the movie show we needed to catch for at 9:45 pm) we decided to keep the meal light. And my by light we meant 2 main courses, 3 red wine sangrias and a dessert soufflé!!

I’m in love with the red wine sangria this place has to offer…chilled with perfect crunchy fruits! It makes me happy :p Well, it makes us all happy!

We decided to order Grilled chicken with red wine jus and mashed potatoes and corn, potato and jalapeno burger with whole wheat bun.

While the food was yet to come we were served warm crusty bread (whole wheat and regular) with butter. I enjoyed the bread like a kid relishes a whole chocolate bar! Warm bread with butter and Indigo’s whole grain mustard and sipping on the sangria….bliss…

The food arrived and it looked really promising. The grilled chicken with red wine jus was served with “out of the world” smooth mashed potatoes and a head of roasted garlic. Heaven in a bite would be this – piece of the succulent grilled chicken drenched in the jus, perfectly seasoned creamy and smooth mashed potatoes and a roasted garlic clove!! The roasted garlic when mixed with the mashed potatoes added so much flavor…me and my dad wiped this plate off clean happily!!

Now the veggie burger. The corn, potato and jalapeno patty was crisp on the outside with sweetness from the corn and zing from the jalapenos on the inside. The whole wheat bun was nice and soft and the burger was a hit! Mom being a vegetarian..her verdict is what mattered, and she was impressed. The burger was served with a zingy purple cabbage slaw; which added the perfect citrus quotient needed to the burger. Also there were humungous potato wedges on the side which were nice, crunchy and oven roasted.

While hogging on the main courses I ordered the dessertsoufflé of the day because it needs around 15 minutes to be made and we could not afford to miss the movie (umm..why you ask..if you knew my dad you  would know how important movies are!!)

So content with our clean plates and wine glasses we were ready for dessert. I forgot to tell you what the soufflé was. Well the soufflé of the day was White chocolate and mocha soufflé with coffee cream and a cookie. When it arrived we 3 automatically had a smile on our faces. I know one soufflé amongst 3 people is a very less but early dinner…remember! One bite of the hot-hot soufflé with cold coffee cream and a tiny bite of the cookie…turn by turn we all went mmmmmmmmmm…..It was wiped clean in under 5 minutes (It took us atleast 5 minutes because it was super hot!)

We were happy diners and hope you are too when you try this café. Highly recommended despite the bumpy approach!


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