Wake up to – Herb butter flavoured scrambled eggs on toast

Few days back I made this extremely easy herb butter and it is wonderful to see how just plain butter mixed with a few herbs can make an already wonderful thing (by thing I mean butter) more better!! I flavored the butter by whisking in chopped parsley and roasted garlic…simplicity at it’s best! Taking humble butter to a whole new another level with herbs can make your ‘oh so regular’ bread and toast breakfast every morning special.

Me and my parents hogged on most of it with warm toast and tea..we were three happy people!!

It is super easy to make, there are no fixed measurements involved and you can seriously experiment a lot with the flavours you want to put in the butter. Any herb would do..but use fresh herbs please! They do taste better. You could also add chili flakes, freshly chopped chilli, lemon zest…the options are endless.
So I planned to use the roasted garlic and parsley herb butter to flavour scrambled eggs. The eggs were light and fluffy with a not an overpowering flavour of garlic and parsley. Who wouldn’t be happy to start off a day like this!!
So here it is…

Roasted garlic and parsley herb butter flavoured scrambled eggs on toast
(Serves 1)

2 eggs
1 ½ tsp roasted garlic and parsley herb butter
3 tbsp milk
A pinch of salt
A pinch of freshly cracked pepper
2 slices of bread (toasted)


  1. Crack 2 eggs in a bowl and add milk to it
  2. Add salt and pepper. Make sure to add salt carefully if using salted butter
  3. Add the herb butter to a non stick pan on low heat and let it melt
  4. Meanwhile beat the eggs a little. Do not over whisk as that reduces the fluffiness of the scrambled eggs
  5. Add the egg mix to the pan and stir around slowly till it is slightly runny and fluffy
  6. Garnish with fresh parsley and freshly cracked pepper and serve with toasted bread.

-You can add cream instead of milk
-Butter can be substituted with flavoured olive oil, regular olive oil or just plain butter
-Do not stir the eggs mixture a lot too fast. It’s already a quick recipe, couldn’t be more convenient 🙂


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