Udaipur, Coffee and Me – Guest post by Mr. P

Being the elf, I was summoned and ordered to write an article about Udaipur and something unique about the city.”Do not talk about the Lakes in the city, any Palace or sandstone. This blog is a food guide and not a tourist guide” was the briefing I was given. Very confused, I thought I will start with an article about my favourite place for coffee. This joint is basically near Fatehsagar Lake (most famous of the 7 lakes here); it’s in the middle of a string of shops/stalls in an area known as ‘Bambaiya Bazaar’ coz of the Bombay style Pav bhaaji & chaat (I personally hate this name). The most famous among these stalls and my favourite is Vinod Fast Food & Cafe.

What started as a small coffee stall are now 3 big shops serving everything from coffees, shakes, sandwiches to pastas and pizzas. I guess Food really does change lives!!!

Run by three brothers Vinod, Gajendra and Chanderprakash (Chandu), this place amazes me because of its professional approach. One brother handles purchasing, the other operations and third sales/ PR!! Starting from humble beginnings these guys never hired a chef and just learned everything by way of dissecting, tasting and practicing.

Now talking about the coffee -the unique thing about this coffee is that it is served in a kulhar (a handle-less clay cup). Traditionally, kulhars are used for tea and sometimes for kulfi but these guys stumbled upon this great discovery by chance. The story goes that, the disposal of plastic was an issue near the lake so they thought of applying the kulhar chai concept to coffee and Voila!! Kulhar Coffee was invented. Not only it is disposable but also the earthy aroma of the cup renders some great taste to this otherwise normal cuppa coffee.

These guys are super confident and proudly state that their shakes are better than any in the city (including the big coffee chains). They recommend the Cold coffee with chocolate Ice cream (I agree!!), Russian Delight pizza and Club sandwich.

These pet loving guys enjoy their work and are looking at opening their own restaurant sometime in the future.

A must visit for those on their next visit to Udaipur!! 🙂

Hope I did okay on my first post and am allowed to contribute in the future… :-p

Check out their Facebook page here!!


2 thoughts on “Udaipur, Coffee and Me – Guest post by Mr. P

  1. Good post. I would like to know about some traditional Rajasthani cuisine in Udaipur from the guest or the author herself

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