A “Glam” afternoon indeed

I have been following Caramel Wings blog for a few months now and I’m a fan of her salted caramel sauce recipe. I have made that buttery amber caramel and drizzled over vanilla cheesecake and it was amazing…believe me when I say it is surely Amaaazing! (will be posting the recipe of the vanilla cheesecake with caramel sauce pretty soon)
So yes about the Glam Food workshop by Caramel Wings and Life ki Recipe…I read about it on twitter and was really happy that it was going to be in Andheri! Travelling in this rain can surely be a pain and going though it everyday to reach work is..well enough! Aarghhh…
Before I get diverted again…Caramel Wings had a contest on twitter about ‘What is Glam Food’ and the lucky one would get a seat in the workshop. And here I was ready to try my luck and for once it did shine – I won! Multiple entries were allowed so I don’t quite remember which one they liked…but I won!

Well on Sunday afternoon I reached the Glam Food workshop at Over Act and was great to see so many people eagerly waiting to learn and talk about food. The girls were all over the place at first but given that it was their first workshop they just needed sometime to pull it all together. As the food came into the picture everything started falling into place…you could hear the oohs and aahs as the attendees were tasting the delicious creations.
Getting to the food –

We started off with Caramel Wings demonstrating Grilled Brie and chocolate sandwiches (I didn’t get a chance to click the pictures as I was happily stuffing the mushrooms for Feta shrooms which were up next). Well luckily I did manage to get a piece of the sandwich as everyone had happily hogged on them 😀
Following this were feta ‘shrooms – Herb marinated mushrooms stuffed with caramelized onions and topped with feta and processed cheese.

I’ve always been a little skeptical when it comes to caramelized onions as sometimes they do turn out to be a little too sweet and overpower the whole dish. But I was wrong, it was perfect – the mushrooms, herbs, olive oil, caramelized onions and feta just worked superbly.
Another hit for me was the  Jalapeno cream paneer and chicken. The cream sauce along with the paneer/chicken were wrapped neatly in foil and baked to perfection. This dish will surely make your dinner party guests fall in love with you.
The other dishes demonstrated were tartines(open-faced french sandwiches) with two topping choices: roasted red bell peppers and chicken sausages, cocoa brownies (with and without egg), the divine salted butter caramel sauce and the star of the afternoon: shahi tukda with mascarpone rabdi!

Left to right: Cocoa brownie, buttery caramel sauce, red bell pepper tartines

The shahi tukda was perfect with the crispy fried bread dipped in sugar syrup topped with rabdi made with homemade mascarpone and garnished with crushed salted pistachios and bright red saffron strands. I finished the serving in under a minute…it was truly the most remarkable dish of that workshop.

 Both the girls shared their lip smacking recipes, answered everyones queries with a smile and really interacted with the crowd. Everyone left the workshop content with the delicious food they had tasted, the knowledge gained and the giveaways of vanilla sugar and herb bouquet. Just a tad bit more organization and it would have taken the whole afternoon to another new level!

Wishing them good luck for their many more workshops to come! Psst..heard they are having one in Delhi pretty soon.


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