Your way through Causeway!

Colaba is one of my favourite places in Mumbai. I love it for the old world feel that it has. I’ll agree that it’s always crowded but which place in Mumbai is not!? It’s one of the best places for rasta shopping, eating, chilling, walking by the Gateway of India and taking in what old and new Mumbai has to offer.
I thought I’d share an easy map of Colaba with all the food places I love. I wanted to cover the whole of south Mumbai but then that is a little too much to fit in one post.

1. Café Royal is one of the best places currently in the city serving delicious sizzlers. May be the place has become famous due to Bill Clinton’s visit but for me it’s the food. Apart from the sizzlers the rest of the menu will also serve you well. Recently it has opened a second branch in Phoenix market city

2. Woodside Inn is the perfect place if you just want to have a laid back meal with friends, enjoy bubbly beer and nibble on their famous scrumptious burgers. While doing so also check out the pictures put up of old Bombay. Woodside Inn guys have successfully charmed the suburban crowd as well with their Oshiwara branch. Recommendations: mushroom and thyme soup and pesto chicken in herb filled focaccia and if possible attend their beer and burger festival

3 & 7. Leopold Café and Café Mondegar – well these places need no introduction. These places have their own faithfuls fighting over which serves better food or better music or better drinks. But the bottom line is that they both have food, music and an atmosphere worth fighting for. So I’d say just grab a seat in any of these places because it’s really a task to find them empty

4. All stir fry – a place you can go to enjoy your customized bowl of stir fry and guess what you can refill it unlimited times!! During my latest visit there I chose not to eat the stir fry bowl but go for something else and im glad I did…the perfectly made money bag dumplings filled with spinach, mushrooms and water chestnut served with amazing dips and the khow suey was too too good! Not sweet the way I’ve had in a lot of places (Mr.P hates the sweet khow suey…but I’m certain that he will like this :-))
P.S: The honey ginger and chilli sauce is just wonderful!

5. Bade Miyan is where you can go for a nice road side meal of egg burji, hot roomalis and baida roti. Don’t worry veggies; they do have paneer options here. I don’t think that there is anyone in Mumbai who doesn’t know Bade Miyan!

6. Head towards Bagdadi if you are in the mood for a really big roti with chicken masala fry. The interiors of this place may scare you but once you get past that you’ll see why people rave about this place – the quick service, great chicken, huge roti, easy on the pocket …what more do you need! But ya this place is strictly for non vegetarians. Special mention for the menu on the wall that keeps changing based on availability…it’s old but it has its own charm

8. Café Churchill is a small little restaurant which serves yummy pasta, lasagna and desserts. There is no fuss about the ambience here; it’s just all about the FOOD!! On weekends try to get there early or you’ll surely need to wait. Mr.P recommends the Kahlua Torte here…

9. Theobroma…well its one of the first pastry shops I had been to and enjoyed the brownie along with a nice cuppa coffee. It has opened in Bandra and Peddar road too and also planning to open in Lokhandwala soon.
Must have: Chocolate chip brownie

10. Modern Juice Centre serves really nice juicy chicken burger. Even though it is famous for its shawarma (I prefer the shawarma at Maroosh) I believe that the burger is what they get right and I guess Mr.P will agree with me on this. It’s a humble snack with a crisp hot moist chicken patty, some mayo and soft bun. No fuss, no hoo-ha just yum!

Apart from these there are many other places you could go to, like Indigo Deli, Moshe’s, Busaba, Le pain quotidien, Di bella and Café Basilico.

After all this I’m hungry!
Note to self: need to make a trip to Colaba very very soon!!


7 thoughts on “Your way through Causeway!

  1. Hello! I love your blog and especially the Food Trails section. My husband and I are starting a round the world trip in January and our first stop is Mumbai. We are super excited to explore the food the city has to offer and we’d love to hear your suggestions! We will be on a bit of a budget and I can’t eat onions so I’m somewhat nervous about just venturing out on our own. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Maybe we can even treat you to a chai or dinner in exchange for your local expertise!

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